Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Asia and Pacific Community Ideas and Possible Future

Economic strength has now shifted from the West to the East and from the Atlantic to Asia and the Pacific. This resulted in the shift of political and security weight. This process requires dialogue and cooperation among countries in the region, especially among big countries. Against such a background Australia proposed in 2008 the Asia and the Pacific Community (APC in short). The idea has attracted a lot of attention as the region embraces 60% of the world population, 54% of the world GDP and 44% of world trade. According to Australia, the APC would be a new institution with a large number of members and coverage of issues.

Australia has lobbied strongly for APC and hope it would become a reality by 2020. Many countries have been lukewarm toward the idea, thinking that the APC is not really necessary in the proliferation of forums and associations already. The APC is not highly feasible as it was an idea put forth in haste without prior consultation with regional countries and there is already a proliferation of effective organizations in Asia and the Pacific. Relations between Australia and other regional countries which can push forward the ideas are not good. However, from now to 2020 is a long time and if the APC can be built on the basis of existing institution it would be feasible.

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