Thursday, September 24, 2020

Multilateral diplomacy: An important component of Viet Nam’s foreign and integration policy

Viet Nam's foreign relations, including multilateral diplomacy, have made many great contributions to the national construction and defence. Diplomacy has resulted in many laudable successes on the multilateral front throughout the two great resistance wars of the nation, with such milestones as the Geneva Conference in 1954 and the Paris Conference in 1973, playing a vital role in establishing peace, regaining and protecting national independence, sovereignty and unity. Multilateral diplomacy's role and position in the political-economic-diplomatic life of today’s world is being more and more defined, and is a vital part in Viet Nam's foreign and international integration policy. Multilateral diplomacy will continue to reinforce its role in the national construction and defence, contributing to the building of the country's stature and strength in the new global situation that is being formed.

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