Saturday, August 15, 2020

Great Powers’ politics: Glance through US – China relation


The world is in the transitional period to the new order, likely a multi-centered network with the high diversity of power arrangement and influence, which is completely different from the Cold War reality. The position and the role of big powers are changing rapidly and profoundly under the impact of globalization, the shift in the balance of power and the policy of countries. On this big picture, the US – China relation is of most importance and brings about the strongest effect on the situation in the Asia – Pacific and direction of the changing pattern of the world.


History shows that great powers play a dominating role in shaping International relations. But in the contemporary “super flat world”, the small and medium sized countries have also their own voice and role. The important issues are how the countries can in time realize the changes in the Great Powers’ Politics and to properly deal with the new circumstances. In this article, the authors, by analyzing US - China relation as a case study, show the new features of Great Powers’ Politics.


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