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Diplomatic front in the resistance war against the America

In the anti-American Resistance War for National Liberation, along with political and military struggles, diplomacy became an important front. This article reviews the stages of the Resistance War through which diplomacy evolved into a “proactive front” in close coordination with the battle fields to create an all-round force that led to the final victory in April 1975. Of particular importance, the diplomatic front helped to prove efficiency of the “talking-while-fighting” strategy and to mobilize the support from all international walks of life to back the Vietnamese cause for national independence and unification, thus being able to combine the strength of Vietnam with that of the world. The author is therefore of the view that national tradition that Vietnam used in handling strong foreign aggressors was once again effectively utilized in the anti-American Resistance War for National Liberation in a much more complicated new international context.

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In this Issue

  1. Chính sách Đối ngoại Việt Nam
  2. Chiến thắng mùa xuân 1975
  3. Các vấn đề Quốc tế
  4. Nghiên cứu trao đổi
  5. Thông tin - tư liệu

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