Saturday, April 04, 2020

The case of Charlie Hebdo seen from the perspective of cutural clashes

The massacre at Charlie Herbos and the ensuing debate have launched a lesser known independent comic newspaper into a global name. Conflicts in ideology that have led to global violence actually take root in cultural clashes and in the case of Charlie Hebdo, it is the clash between French culture and Muslim culture. As a seasoned researcher on how culture impacts governance, the writer wishes to provide explanations, based on one of the world’s leading cultural models: the Hofstede model.

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In this Issue

  1. Chính sách Đối ngoại Việt Nam
  2. Chiến thắng mùa xuân 1975
  3. Các vấn đề Quốc tế
  4. Nghiên cứu trao đổi
  5. Thông tin - tư liệu

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