Saturday, April 04, 2020

Building an independent economy in Viet Nam’s deep and extensive international integration

In the actual context of the world and the region, the process of globalization continues to grow strongly interwoven to create national and regional interests, forcing each country to avoid conflicts and actively create different economic - political alliances to preserve their interests. The development of institutions, organizations and multilateral forums in the region has, over the last few years, allowed Vietnam to have opportunities to access resources for development (such as capital, technology, technical engineering, market) and promote national competitive advantages (such as cheap labor, stable political environment, rich natural resources and convenient geographic location). Moreover , Vietnam is located in the Asia - Pacific region, converging of multiple largest economies and inter-regional strategic cooperation. This is really a favorable opportunity for Vietnam's integration and development . The key remaining issue is how to build an independent economy, in order to create the position of Vietnam in this integration.

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In this Issue

  1. Chính sách Đối ngoại Việt Nam
  2. Chiến thắng mùa xuân 1975
  3. Các vấn đề Quốc tế
  4. Nghiên cứu trao đổi
  5. Thông tin - tư liệu

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