Monday, May 25, 2020

impact of engagement of the US and China on the consolidation and elevation of community connectivity within the ASEAN

ASEAN made history by announcing the launch of the ASEAN Community on 31 December 2015. This is a good opportunity for ASEAN to consolidate and elevate its community connectivity, moving towards a more important position. However, the completion of the ASEAN Community is facing many difficulties and challenges not only for its institutional looseness and narrow-minded nationalism as well as cultural constraints in realizing the commitments in ASEAN, but also for being influenced by external factors, particularly excessive geopolitical ambitions of super powers, principally China and the US. The impact of the engagement of these two super powers always has two sides: on one hand, creating new momentum and impetus for the ASEAN Community to perfect and enhance its 'bargaining' power and competition, and on the other hand, causing division and divergence in the community. For the ASEAN Community to capitalize on new opportunities and overcome challenges, this organization should strengthen its internal solidarity and courageously adjust its game rules, including the “consensus” principle.

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