Friday, November 15, 2019

Cultural diplomacy: How China promotes its national image

In the 1990’s, China made every effort to build its national image as “a power sharing close connection with the international community and making positive contribution to the preservation of peace”. This forms the basis for China’s “peaceful rise” and later its “peaceful development” which, in turn, serve as the guiding principles for the country’s public and cultural diplomacy. China has used table tennis and then panda diplomacy. It is now making efforts to build up a system of Confucius institutes to promote its culture, especially thoughts by Confucius. The country also launched in 2004 a plan to send voluntary teachers abroad to teach Chinese.

Additionally, China has set up 7 cultural centres. It has held “Cultural Year” in countries with culture different from China’s. Starting with the Sino-French Cultural Year in 2004, China held the Sino-Russian Cultural Year, Chinese Year in Austria and Italy etc. These were to build a good image in the eyes of friends. The Beijing Olympic has also given China an opportunity to build upon it image as a civilized, modern, potential, safe and environment-friendly country. China has also built its image through historic films so popular in developing and les developed countries. It seeks to promote China through its cuisine. All efforts have been made to project a China of big territory, time-honoured history and culture etc. This tendency would have great implications in the formulation and implementation of the country’s foreign policy.

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