Sunday, July 12, 2020

Border Dispute between Russia and Japan

Demarcation of the borderline is a complex and yet important task for both Russia and Japan. Their border dispute has been going on for the last century and a half. As early 1855, the first Russian-Japanese trade and border agreement was signed, according to which the median line between Iturup and Urup. Russia and Japan then signed the Treaty of St Petersburg, under which Russia occupied Sakhalin and islands of the Kurile archipelago. However, in 1925, the Soviet Union declared that the country recognized the Portsmouth agreement, ceding control of Sakhalin and Kurile to Japan. Negotiation has been carried out between Russia and Japan on the sovereignty over the islands but efforts have been in vain as they could not resolve the problem. In the process, public opinion of the two countries has exerted influence to bear upon the negotiation. Russians do not agree to returning the two islands to Japan while Japanese have insisted that Moscow return them to Japan. The prolonged dispute indicates that the dispute is complex and will remain there for some time to come.

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