Saturday, April 04, 2020

In Retrospect of APEC’s Role in Vietnam Foreign Policy

Based on the theoretical debates about regionalism, the article, in a creative contribution, comes up with the analytical framework on the five roles of APEC, namely, defensive, attack, domestic reform pushing, political-strategic and awareness raising roles of APEC. With this analytical framework, the remainder of the article shed lights on what APEC has contributed to Viet Nam’s social-economic development, bilateral relations and domestic reform since her entry into this forum in 1998. The important conclusion of the article is that it is high time that Viet Nam consider APEC as a forum of strategic important for its interests and that despite APEC’s loose and voluntary nature, Viet Nam take full advantage of this important forum and its five major roles, specially the attack, domestic reform-pushing and political-strategic roles. The article also lay out six core areas of cooperation in APEC that Viet Nam should pay further attention to for its own interests as well as those of the forum, namely new growth strategy, trade and investment facilitation, regional economic integration, structural reform, human security and bilateral relations with key APEC partners. 

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