Saturday, April 04, 2020

On China’s Peaceful Development

In the essay, the author pointed out how the concept of China’s peaceful development has been developed, first being “the peaceful rise” and then “peaceful development”. Then he presented his reading on this strategy as followers: With this strategy, China aims to increasingly raise national power with economic development and modernization being the central foundations; promote political reform; build new international political and economic order through peaceful means against the use of force and violence. And the last: to develop new viewpoints on new security.

The writer introduced the groups of measures to be taken to this end which cover all: political, economic, military, and diplomatic areas.

The author also referred to different views on China’s “peaceful development” regarding whether China would use force or refrain from using force or the combination. Some believe that China’s measures are very flexible.

In the view of the author, China will not follow the footsteps of old imperialist powers. However, the use of force in China foreign policy cannot be ruled out.

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