Saturday, April 04, 2020

On Lasting Peace in Europe

This is a very comprehensive survey on the relations between Russia and the West - the U.S. and Western Europe - Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, with the conclusion that there are factors that ensure lasting peace in Europe.

Regarding Russia, the author generally reviewed various stages in its foreign relations with focus on the U.S. and Western Europe showing that it has been experimenting, innovating and adapting especially since Putin took power. Regarding its national interest, the article argued that there exist many factors, political, economic; in security terms as well as certain shared values that motivate Russia to move in the direction of improving ties with the U.S. and Western Europe, establishing partnership with them.

As far as the U.S. and Western Europe are concerned, the U.S. is faced with many problems, both domestically and externally, challenging America: The financial crises; terrorism with weapons of mass destruction; prolonged instabilities in Afghanistan and Iraq, the nuclear problems in Iran, North Korea. Without the cooperation from Russia, the U.S. cannot deal with all these problems on its own. Recently, President Obama has decided to reset U.S. relations with Russia.

Regarding Western Europe, the countries here are major Russian trade partners; in security matters, security in Europe cannot be ensured without the participation of Russia; so Russian - NATO relations have moved in positive direction.

Beside bilateral issues, the emergence of China, India, and others and global challenges are also driving factors for the constructive building of Russian and U.S. and Western Europe relations.

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