Saturday, April 04, 2020

Concepts of International System Revisited

The author looked at some theoretical elements in international system, underlining both the relative independence and interaction among various and numerous components of the international system. Such as the units, the structures and the environments, he also referred to the frontiers of systems, to different concepts on the international systems.

Having gone through the concepts, he then presented seven characteristics of the international relations system: Bearing the nature of social relation, being governed by social relations characteristics - complex and fluid, unlike a mechanical system; representing the combination and interaction of various factors; operating in accordance with common and particular functions, constituting relations among actors; he also emphasized that international relations are organically linked with each other, organized in a hierarchy way without disorder and constantly develop.

The final part touched upon different approaches to international studies such as categorizing concepts of elements and systems, discovering laws governing international relations, the cycles and evolutions and developments of international systems.

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