Monday, May 25, 2020

Some reflection on school of Vietnamese Diplomacy

The idea of a school of Vietnamese diplomacy is quite new and should be studied further. In this article, the author gives his views on the theoretical and practical basis, the main features of the school.

This school has indeed a theoretical base deeply rooted in Vietnamese culture, first of all patriotism, benevolence, national unity etc. It also grows out of diplomacy which as become part of our tradition, to be reconciliatory to other countries, determined to defend national independence and sovereignty etc. and the quintessence of both Eastern and Western culture. Last BUT not least, the school has Marxism and Leninism as well Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts as its ideological foundation. In practice, modern Vietnamese diplomacy has contributed to efforts to regain independence and freedom as well as to build our nation. Vietnamese diplomacy has its own colour characterized by the combination of national independence and socialism, the spirit of reconciliation, the determination to defend the nation’s independence and sovereignty etc.

With all these, we can name it a school of Vietnamese diplomacy.

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