Monday, June 01, 2020

On Viet Nam - U.S relations: Sideline stories

Having worked in the diplomatic service for several decades and experiencing hard years in the diplomatic struggle for national independence, the author had seen many diplomatic and interesting events about which he retold in this short writing.

He referred to his encounters with many famous Americans such as Miss Anna Louise Strong, a journalist who greatly sympathized with the struggle of the Vietnamese people against foreign invaders. He then recounted his meetings with many American diplomats in different periods. Apart from his own experiences, the writer also described the talks between high-ranking diplomats of Vietnam and those from America; Showing the ups and downs in the relations between the two countries. He concluded his writing with the statement:

Being the loser in the war in Vietnam, however, the sense of pragmation has enable America to improve relation with Vietnam, and President Ho Chi Minh, who spent many years in France, the U.S., and Britain seeking way to save his nation, knew very well that big countries always rival against each other and made use of small countries for their own interests.

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