Friday, February 28, 2020

Vietnamese Australians’ Community: Realities and Prospects

The Vietnamese arrival and integration into Australia represents a quintessential case of cultures in collision. In 1975 there were only about 1,000 people born in Viet Nam living in Australia. Over nearly the next forty years the community grew to over two hundred and fifty thousand members. Before 1975 Viet Nam and Australia barely knew each other - except through the prism of the American War. By 2012 the Second and even the Third Generations were a significant part of Australian political, economic and cultural life. The Vietnamese were used as the trigger for the end of the bi-partisanship on multiculturalism at the end of the 1970s, were implicated in the rising paranoia about unsafe cities in the 1980s, and centrally embroiled in the emergence of a politics of race in the 1990s. The article will analyze the Vietnamese Australians’ contribution to Commonwealth of Australia and Viet Nam in terms of economic development, multiracial and multicultural society as well as contribution to promotion of the comprehensive partnership relationship between Viet Nam and Australia at present. The article will analyze current problems of the Vietnamese Australian Community and suggest measures to overcome these problems. The article will also forecast the prospect of Vietnamese Australian Community in Australia in the future and propose some suggestions to improve the role as well as status of Vietnamese Australians in Australia and Viet Nam.

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