Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Attempt at Discussing Current World Order

This analysis is an attempt at characterising the current world. As we all know, the 20 century can be divided into two main periods, from the beginning of the century to World War II and from then on to the disintegration of the Soviet Union.  A decade after each period, the world changed in characteristics. The world after World War II were characterized by the US playing the international policeman, the Soviet Union being a superpower, the EU becoming an entity, and newly independent countries gaining in strength etc. However, in the present world, great changes have been observed. A new balance of power has been struck with signs of decline exhibited by the US, the emergence of BRIC and even VISTA countries. The world is now characterized by new actors emerging, economic factors playing a more important role, loose and interwoven coalitions, regional and international organizations being formed to co-exist with the UN, peripheral countries becoming more important players and the world facing crisis in raw materials, oil, food. This would demand that Vietnam an appropriate approach for the development of the country.

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