Saturday, February 29, 2020

Narrowing the Development Gap in ASEAN: Challenges for the Community Building.

As the title says, the essay analyzed the challenges facing the ASEAN countries on the way towards a community - how to bridge the development gaps within the group. First, the authors pointed out that every ASEAN member share the view that bridging the development gaps within the group is now all the more challenging and urgent, it is crucial that steps must be taken to overcome this problem. The authors then analyzed the importance of this mission in view of the growing regional integration in all political, economic, social and security areas, the pressures from within and from outside and the challenges facing the ASEAN countries in narrowing down the development gaps. In the last part, the authors made some suggestions as what should be done to address problems of this nature at all national, regional and international levels. In conclusion, the authors maintained that each ASEAN member should view the bridging of development gaps as a priority in their national policy and should not let this weakness negatively affect the realization of the common aims of the ASEAN community.

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