Sunday, July 12, 2020

US Foreign Policy Adjustments After the Cold War.

In the essay, the author concisely reviewed U.S. Foreign Policy through three administrations from 1989 under G. Bush to the present. In each period, the essay pointed out the main aims and the steps taken to realize the aims by each government in all political, ideology, security, economic areas and then analyzed the adjustments within and after each period.

The author presented challenges facing the U.S. during these years due to both the changes in the balance of power in the world and the emerging threats and the adjustments made by each administration to face those threats.

The author emphasized that all the U.S. administrations in these years have bought to ensure the U.S. dominance in all economic, political, ideological, and military fields through both hard and soft powers and argued that in the context of the dynamic development of the world today U.S. foreign policy is characterized by continuity and changes in both the definition of specific aims and the determination of measures.

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